Ensure non-weight-bearing compliance in fractures, post-operative care and diabetic foot ulcers.


Adjustable to fit most patients

Hands Free

Ambulate without the use of crutches

Geriatric Friendly

A great solution for patients that struggle with maintaining NWB

Easy To Use

User friendly requiring little to no training for patient use

a stirrup built into a cast to allow you to walk

The ideal non-weight-bearing solution for:


Post-Operative Care

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

assembly diagram of adjustable cast stirrup

Benefits of Use

Improve outcomes by ensuring non-weight-bearing compliance in post operative patients, fractures and diabetic foot ulcers
A non-weight-bearing solution for those that struggle with the use of ambulatory aids
Allow patients to be hands free while maintaining non-weight-bearing status

Innovative | Canadian Made | Patent Pending

The Alger Unloader is unique in that it’s adjustable and one size fits all design allows the device to be readily available to physicians and patients in clinic.  

The ultimate goal of the Alger Unloader is to improve surgical outcomes and promote wound healing by eliminating non-compliant weight bearing. 

The device is mutually beneficial to both physician and patient as it allows patients to complete activities of daily living with greater ease, while ensuring non-weight bearing compliance.  

This device is suitable for anyone and is a welcomed addition during post operative rehabilitation by patients.   The Alger Unloader is specifically useful for high risk patients with compromised healing capacity and geriatric patients that struggle with the use of ambulatory aids.  

This Alger Unloader can be reapplied when the patient requires cast changes.  

Indications For Use

Ensure compliance and create optimal conditions for success with wound healing, post-operative rehabilitation and fracture healing. The Alger Unloader is ideal for any scenario where non-weight-bearing is required.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The Alger Unloader allows you to rest easy that your patient is complaint with non-weight-bearing protocol, ensuring optimal conditions for wound healing. The Alger Unloader is ideal for patients with a diabetic foot ulcer being treated with a total contact cast.

Fractures Treated with Conservative Measures

The Alger Unloader is suitable in any cast scenario where non-weight-bearing protocol is required.







Fracture Surgeries

The Alger Unloader is ideal for any procedure which post operative non-weight-bearing is ordered.

Ankle ORIF

Talar ORIF

Lisfranc ORIF

Calcaneal ORIF

Midtarsal ORIF

Elective Surgeries

Utilize the Alger Unloader post-operatively to ensure non-weight-bearing.

Hindfoot fusion including subtalar, ankle and tibio-talo-calcaneal

Total ankle arthroplasty

Midfoot fusion

Cavovarus and pes planus reconstruction

Lapidus (hallux valgus correction)

Lateral ligament reconstruction

What are physicians saying?

I have been using custom stirrups in my practice for years.  To me, using a stirrup to ensure success for my patients is essential. Patients appreciate having the device to maintain their independence post operatively. Having the Adjustable Alger Unloader now readily available in the hospital means easy access to this device on a daily basis. From elective surgery to geriatric fractures it’s an excellent non-weight bearing solution.

Dr. Warren Latham –  Corporate Chief of Orthopedics at Scarborough Health Network

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